Knauf Insulation is great!  It was our product of choice to insulate Heron Hall and meet our goals of a healthy, toxic free home in accordance with the ambitions set forth in the Living Building Challenge. We’re excited to share some photos and descriptions of the installation process with you and to spread the news of this effective, healthy, and red list free product.

Knauf Insulation materials, (Knauf Jetstream® Ultra and Knauf Ecobatt®) were installed and completed in July, 2016. The building enclosure is constructed with a 2x4 double stud 12” deep exterior walls and 12” deep rafters on both flat and cathedral ceilings. Wall cavities are divided into smaller sections to keep the insulation from moving sideways across an entire wall area.  Fabric is applied over the walls to contain the insulation during installation.  Insulation is installed using a truck mounted blowing machine.  R values in the deep cavities are 49+.

To insure the specified  R value is met, (R4.2/inch) 1 cubic foot samples are weighed to verify densities.  Samples are selected during the install process and labeled for reference.

Density verification in wall cavity.

Knauf Ecobatt® installed as sound attenuating blanket in areas between bedrooms, bathrooms and common areas for privacy.

Ceiling cavities are installed in the same manner as walls. Baffles are not needed in rafter cavities.

Flat ceiling with Knauf Jetstream®.

Cathedral ceiling with Knauf Jetstream®.