A house should have a soul.

It should delight, amuse, comfort and surprise.  It should change with the seasons and the time of day and always present something new to intrigue, even while it feels familiar and comfortable.

The entry to home should be a journey – multiple stages that change perception and slowly reveal (never all at once) and invite. Each step is a tease and a promise until you are finally let inside.

Heron Hall was designed to elicit wonder and imagination in the minds of my children and any guests visiting.  Even though the site is small, it’s designed to feel large, with many spaces that show themselves only at certain points on the property.  So too with the inside and the flow of space-to-spaces within.  Each space was thought of as an experience designed for a positive, yet different emotional reaction.

My hope is that the house will feel magical and a bit whimsical – almost like its alive and playing with us, encouraging us to all to be more than ourselves and to never forget the child within. Sometimes we need small, intimate spaces to retreat, sometimes we need larger places to gather and be seen – sometimes even secret places to discover. The design supports these and many other moods and whims.

When you visit, and come around a corner – I want you to smile, laugh, exclaim! I want you to feel your emotions tugged and hope that you fall in love with the beauty that is this place – Heron Hall.