The last week of August marks another important milestone in the project.  Last week the Smallwood crew finished all of the interior plywood and began work on interior wood siding – finish work is now beginning!  

The first room to get finished is the guest bathroom – which features reclaimed redwood from an old wine vat that I’ve had on my existing property for many years – several decades old the wood is aged and beautiful.  The house will feature no sheetrock anywhere – with an all wood and rammed earth interior.  Half of the interior finish boards came from Bainbridge Island – milled at Coyote Woodworks.  This includes – cottonwood from my property, and a felled Hemlock tree from a neighbor all milled, dried and made into boards.  The remaining wood is all FSC Cedar from Sustainable Northwest Woods in Oregon.  

On the outside of the house – the bike/canoe shed is underway (the last piece of the composition to be built) 

Things will start getting quite beautiful over the next few weeks!