On a warm summer morning in late June we were present for the revealing of the first Rammed Earth wall at Heron Hall.

The McLennan Clan was present, waiting to see the first wall of their house revealed from behind the forms and framing that protected the wall as it set and cured.  The international group of Sirewall Practicum participants were also present waiting to see the previous days and weeks of work soon to be revealed.  With hands on help during the construction and participation during the Sirewall Practicum, the international group of workers and participants helped take down the all savaged and reclaimed FSC wood framing and forms.

We all stood in awe as each side of the wall was removed to reveal the piece of art presented right in front of us.

The sun filtering through the leaves above illuminated the raw beauty of the natural layers of earth that created the Rammed Earth wall standing in front of us.  Soon to become the courtyard wall at the entrance of Heron Hall, this wall is the first part of the story that is now revealed of Heron Hall.  It’s a wall that will age with grace and continue to share it’s story through each day as the sun highlights the layers of earth and each new season sheds a different perspective and light upon the wall.

Welcome to Heron Hall, Entry Courtyard Rammed Earth Wall, it’s nice to meet you.