The site has been cleared for construction to begin of Heron Hall!

During the clearing of the site we discovered a few treasures.  You know about our delay for the duck nest, but we also found something else special.  As we cleared all the bushes and plants a nursing log was revealed underneath it all.  This special tree fell over and the stubborn roots have managed to maintain their hold giving life to what would otherwise have become a dead tree.  The tree is still living even though it fell over years and years ago.  Now it will take on a new life!

Fortunately, the living tree lies within an area that Jason already had a vision for to create a lush green courtyard oasis!  Now the green oasis will integrate this gift of nature into the design and create a special place at Heron Hall.  A place to sit under the shade and reflect, to watch the herons and eagles flying above in the sky or even take a quick siesta.

Construction begins next!