Ken Blair is the principal and founder of RainBank Rainwater Catchment Systems.

A designer for rainwater collection and storage systems, Ken has designed and installed residential and commercial systems in the northwest United States for 10 years.  Additionally, he is an accredited ARCSA Professional Designer / Installer and Life Member.  Ken served in the United States Navy for three years on active duty during the Vietnam War era. He attained the rate of E‐4 Machinist Mate.

A career entrepreneur, Ken innovatively created a new business focus with a commercial dive company in Hawaii in the mid 1980′s, to respond and clean up oil spills, oil spill equipment training, service and maintenance for oil co‐op service industry.

Ken is passionate about having a positive impact on the environment and is also a founding director of BANK‐ON‐RAIN (2011‐2014), whose mission is to create grassroots solutions for rainwater collectionfor consumption and agriculture in developing areas of the planet.

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