Project Designer & Planner

Josh is constantly formulating ideas to use design to create a world that is more enjoyable, connected, and thriving for the people and places that we inhabit and travel through.  He is an architectural and environmental designer and artist based in the Seattle area.

From an early age, Josh has been captivated by the built environment and this passion has inspired an life long study of Architecture and Art.  Impacted by numerous travels across the USA and witnessing the variety of communities, cities, and towns and the unique groups of people who he has met in these places, has only nurtured and developed a passion to use the tool of design to inspire people and restore the places we live in a meaningful way, in every act of design.  Josh is a Kitsap County Arts Board Representative, a graduate of the Sustainable Building Advisor program, served as a co-chair on the Seattle Emerging Professionals network, and he has consulted on design projects for non-profit groups, law firms and international design and development corporations.

Josh’s experience in the design field has included several signifiant deep green master plans, collaborations with key industry leaders on green design projects and products, and assistance in the development of the International Living Future Institute’s Living Community Challenge.  He has been responsible for developing and delivering critical project documents, coordinating with consultants, production of construction-documents, and leading in creative assignments for major projects and products for McLennan Design.